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Since the full professionalization of the Japanese league, the neutral naming of the team has been doing relatively well. Because the J-League does not allow companies to name their names, the teams have their own magic when naming them, and a series of very interesting club names have been born.


The Japanese team has two distinctive features when naming them. One is that they will try their best to connect with the local customs and customs; the other is that they often create new words. A very common situation is that the two are derived from the West. The vocabulary of the language is spliced ​​together to create a new noun. This makes the Japanese club unique when it comes to naming and has become a clear stream of world football. Most of the names of the 18 clubs participating in the J1 League this season clearly reflect the above two characteristics. This article will explain the names and translations of these 18 teams one by one.


1. Kawasaki frontale


The Kawasaki forwards are a veteran of the J-League, and their naming is relatively simple in the J-League. Frontale is taken from Italian and used as an adjective and noun, and is related to the forehead and front. It can also mean the front of buildings, war horses, and women’s headdresses, or a frontal conflict. The original text actually does not have the meaning of a forward. In Italian, the forward on the court is expressed as Attaccante. Translated into a Kawasaki forward, it is a second creation based on the meaning of Frontale and “frontal”.

川崎前锋是J联赛的资深人士,在J联赛中他们的命名相对简单。 Frontale取自意大利语,用作形容词和名词,与额头和前额有关。也可能表示建筑物,战马和妇女头饰的正面,或正面冲突。原始文本实际上没有转发的含义。用意大利语,场上的前锋表示为Attaccante。转换为川崎前锋,这是基于Frontale和“额叶”含义的第二种创作。

2. Cerazo Osaka, Osaka


Sakura is the city symbol of Osaka. It is a perfect match to name the team here, and Cerezo is taken from the cherry blossom in Spanish.


3, Tokyo FC (FC Tokyo)


One of the few team names that only uses the abbreviation FC (Football Club) as the team name without introducing other elements.


4. Nagoya Orca (Nagoya Grampus)


Grampus means orcas in English. This is one of the cultural symbols of Nagoya. Nagoya is located on the north shore of Ise Bay in Japan. Orcas are infested in the sea. In the ancient fortifications of Nagoya Castle, there are also killer whales. Theme of decorative painting.


The Nagoya Orca was translated into Nagoya Gehaha (also called Bahaha) in the early years. This is because there is a Chinese character "八" in the city emblem of Nagoya, which is the imprint of the Owari Tokugawa family who was in Nagoya during the Edo period. After 2008, in order to avoid misunderstandings when seeing the team name, the English name of the team was removed, and the Chinese name was later changed to the current name.

名古屋逆戟鲸在早期被翻译成名古屋盖哈哈(也称为巴哈哈)。这是因为名古屋的城市标志中有一个汉字“八”,这是江户时代在名古屋的尾张德川家的烙印。 2008年之后,为了避免在看到团队名称时产生误解,该团队的英文名称被删除,而中文名称后来被更改为当前名称。

5. Kashima antlers


Antlers are an image. Kashima worships the great god of Japanese myths and legends of Wu Urn hammer, and the god’s envoy is deer, and deer are still kept in the local shrine. Antlers are derived from English and are the plural form of antlers. It is worth mentioning that the location of Kashima Antlers is Kashima City in Ibaraki Prefecture. Originally it was written Kashima (Kashima), but in order to distinguish it from Kashima City in Saga Prefecture, they later chose to use the island’s variant form of Shiji. When translating the team name, we did not use the Japanese kanji writing.


6. Kashiwa reysol


The first team named after the concatenation appears in this article. Reysol is an assembly of Rey and Sol in Spanish. The former means the king and the latter means the sun. Together, it becomes the "sun king", so in a strict sense, the translation of Bai Sun God is not accurate. Why is it named after the sun? It is related to the fact that the team owner is Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the Japanese in Hitachi was taken out and processed into the Sun King.

以串联命名的第一支团队出现在本文中。 Reysol是Rey和Sol的西班牙语集会。前者表示国王,而后者表示太阳。在一起,它成为“太阳之王”,因此从严格意义上讲,“白太阳神”的翻译不准确。为什么以太阳命名?这与团队所有者是日立制造有限公司,日立的日本人被带出并加工成太阳王有关。

7, Urawa Red Diamonds


Red Diamonds makes people think of red diamonds for the first time, but Diamond also means diamond. Considering that the company behind Urawa is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, perhaps translated into Urawa Hongling can better reflect the original meaning of the English name. After all, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' logo Red is also used as the main color.


8, Osaka Gamba


9. Sanfrecce Hiroshima

9。 San f Resse广岛

Another representative of splicing and coining words, Sanfrecce is a mixture of Japanese and Italian. There is an allusion circulating in the Japanese Warring States dynasty Morimoto, "The training of the three arrows", the content is very familiar "an arrow can be easily broken, three Together with arrows, it is very strong." The name of Sanjian Hiroshima is also taken from this classic story. San is the Japanese three, and Frecce is the plural form of the arrow Freccia in Italian. Japanese people have coined new words, and they have not forgotten to pay attention to grammar.

Sanfrecce是拼接和造词的另一个代表,它是日语和意大利语的混合物。在日本战国王朝森本流传着一个典故,“三个箭的训练”,内容非常熟悉,“一个箭很容易折断,三个箭与箭结合在一起,很结实”。 Sanjian广岛的名字也取材于500万彩票官网这个经典故事。 San是日文三语,而Frecce是意大利语中的箭头Freccia的复数形式。日本人创造了新单词,他们并没有忘记关注语法。

10. Yokohama F. Marinos


The etymology of Marino is Marinum in Latin, which is an adjective for the ocean. In modern Spanish, it means sailor. As a well-known port city in Japan, Yokohama is also quite appropriate to choose sailors as the intention. There is also an F in the team name. This is actually a merger of the Yokohama Mariners and Yokohama Flügels, another local team in Yokohama. Flügel comes from German and means wings.

Marino的词源是拉丁文中的Marinum,它是海洋的形容词。在现代西班牙语中,它是指水手。作为日本著名的港口城市,横滨也非常适合选择水手。团队名称中也有一个F。这实际上是横滨水手队和横滨另一支本地队伍横滨Flügels的合并。 Flügel来自德国,意500万彩票官网为翅膀。

11. Vissel Kobe


Kobe is an important port in Japan and a milestone city for Japan to open its doors to a developed country. The use of boats as a symbol also carries a special pride of the locals. Vissel is made up of two English words. Vi is derived from Victory, which means victory, while ssel is taken from Vessel, which means a ship with a certain mass.

神户是日本重要的港口,也是日本向发达国家敞开大门的里程碑。使用船作为象征也使当地人特别自豪。维塞尔(Vissel)由两个英语单词组成。 Vi来自胜利,即胜利,而sel来自船舶,这意味着船具有一定质量。

12. Gonsado, Sapporo, Hokkaido


13. Yokohama FC (Yokohama F.C.)

13.横滨足球俱乐部(Yokohama F.C.)

14. Oita Trinita


Compared with Bai Sun God, the Oita three gods are the real gods. Trinita is derived from Trinità in Italian, which is a religious term referring to the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. After borrowing from Oita, it gave Trinita a derivative meaning, which means that the citizens of Oita, enterprises and the government can work together to build a bright future for the region.

与白太阳神相比,大分三神是真正的神。 Trinita源自意大利语中的Trinità,这是一个宗教术语,指的是父,子和圣灵的三位一体。向大分县借钱后,它赋予了Trinita一个衍生含义,这意味着大分县的市民,企业和政府可以共同努力,为该地区建设光明的未来。

15. Avian sandstone (Sagan Tosu)

15鸟类砂岩(Sagan Tosu)

The most honest and neutral naming, Sagan means sandstone in Japanese. The meaning of this naming is to emphasize the help of each individual to the collective. Sandstone is composed of countless gravels. Although the individuals are small, they have infinite power when they come together.


16. Vegalta Sendai


17、清水心跳(Shimizu S-Pulse)

17、清水心跳(Shimizu S-Pulse)

Pulse means heartbeat and pulse in English, so many people call them clear water pulse or clear water agitation. The S in front of Pulse has several meanings. It can be Japanese football Sakka, Shimizu Shimizu, or Shizuoka from Shizuoka. Shimizu Heartbeat was established in 1991. At that time, Shimizu City had not merged with Shizuoka City. The initials of the two cities were both S, so adding a capital letter S to the team name is also a kind of commemoration.

脉搏在英语中是指心跳和脉搏,因此许多人称其为清水脉冲或清水搅动。 Pulse前面的S具有多种含义。它可以是日本足球Sakka,清水清水或静冈的静冈。 Shimizu Heartbeat成立于1991年。当时,清水市尚未与静冈市合并。这两个城市的名字首字母均为S,因此在队名后加上大写字母S也是一种纪念。

18. Shonan bellmare, southern Hunan


Kanagawa, where the team is located, has a magnificent seascape. This feature has also been brought into the name of the team. Bellmare is a combination of two Latin words. Bellum means beauty and Mare means the sea. There are still shadows of these two ancient words in the languages ​​of the Romance language family today. To

团队所在的神奈川拥有壮丽的海景。此功能也已加入团队的名称。 Bellmare是两个拉丁词的组合。贝勒姆(Bellum)意味着美丽,母马(Mare)意味着海洋。当今罗曼语族的语言中仍然有这两个古老单词的影子。至

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