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On October 21, Kilman and Wolves completed the contract extension, and the new contract will expire in 2025. Since joining Wolves from Maidenhead United in the fifth level amateur league two years ago, Kilman has gradually grown from Wolves U23 to an important member of the first team. He also feels very much about being able to renew his long-term contract with Wolves. pride:

10月21日,Kilman和Wolves完成了合同的延长,新合同将在2025年到期。自两年前从Maidenhead United在第五级业余联赛中加入狼队以来,Kilman已逐渐从W23队成长为W23一线队。对于能够续约狼队的长期合同,他也感到非常高兴。自豪:

"It feels great to renew the contract. I have been looking forward to it. When I first came to the Wolves, I felt that my future here would be very exciting. I have had a really good time for the past two years. No matter it is The club employees are teammates. Everyone welcomes me and takes care of me very much. I am very proud to be able to renew my contract with the team. I also want to thank everyone who helped me this way and for their support and care. Renewed for five years It feels great, and I feel so happy when I think of playing for the team for another five years."


"I am very satisfied with the five-year contract, and my family members are very supportive of me. I can feel the trust and expectations of the coaching team. After the regular training, they will always take me to train for a while, and their trust also allows me Become more confident. I also know that if I follow the coach’s guidance and continue to train hard, I can make progress. I have always wanted to stay in the Wolves, this is my goal. Renewing the contract with a big club like Wolves is for me Both my family and I are of great significance, and now I can proudly claim that I will still be a Wolves player in the future."


"This is not an easy thing. When I was promoted to the first team, I was particularly pleasantly surprised, because when I transferred from Maidenhead United, I signed with the Wolves U23. I never thought I could be so. I am about to enter the first team, and I never imagined that I can stand in the Premier League. Of course I have confidence in myself, every player should believe in himself, but I did not expect that I will be promoted to the first team six months after joining. It’s really fast for me, and I’m also trying to keep up with the rhythm. When I first arrived here, I knew that my body and technique need to be improved. As long as I keep working hard, I will make progress sooner or later. I have never stopped moving forward. The footsteps. Last season’s experience was unforgettable. I was selected for the European War squad, and I got a starter opportunity in some competitions. The fans also supported me very much, and everything made me extremely excited."


"My teammates are all very good and they have given me a lot of help. When I first joined U23, I could only train with the first team two or three times a week, but this is enough for me to see their level, Boli, Cowdy, Seth, and Bennett are really great. Every day I want to learn something from them to see how they deal with the ball in different situations and how they face pressure. I do I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning, not only learning to play football, but also learning how to be a man, because they are excellent in all aspects.”


"I feel that I played well in these two games. Every time I put on the Wolves jersey and fight with excellent teammates, I feel very good, but I still need to learn from the game and can never be complacent. I want to keep getting stronger Keep improving, so as to help the team. After the game, I don’t like to sit down and say wow, I played a great game, and I don’t care much about other people’s evaluations. This is not my character. I only focus on training and During the game, I don’t pay attention to things off the court. All I think about is how to improve."


"Keep improving and growing, and keep getting stronger. As long as you do this, the rest will happen naturally. You can talk a lot about goals, but I don’t like to say that I want this and that. I just want to be better and improve. Own strengths, make up for your weaknesses, and use continuous improvement to help the team."


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