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500万彩票官网-四位鲁能青训门神大放异彩 这里面有何秘诀?

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Speaking of the position of Luneng and goalkeeper, there is a close relationship between Luneng's first double crown and the excellent performance of foreign goalkeeper Sasha. It is also because of Sasha. The Football Association has issued a ban on foreign goalkeepers, and domestic goalkeepers have begun to have more. Living space, the goalkeepers trained in Luneng Youth Training have also sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Deng Xiaofei in 1983, Guan Zhen, Yang Cheng, and Han Fangteng in 1985, Geng Xiaofeng in 1987, Shao Puliang in 1989 and then in 1991. Teng Shangkun and Han Rongze in 1993... Among them, Deng Xiaofei, Han Rongze, Shao Puliang and Teng Shangkun performed particularly well in this year's Super League. Luneng Youth Training can produce at least one excellent goalkeeper for every age group. What's the secret?

说到鲁能和守门员的位置,鲁能的第一个双冠王和外国守门员萨沙的出色表现之间有着密切的关系。也因为萨沙。足协已经颁布了禁止外国守门员的禁令,而国内守门员的禁令已经开始增加。在鲁能青年训练中训练过的守门员的生活空间也如雨后笋一样如雨后春笋般涌现。 1983年的邓小飞,1985年的关震,杨成和韩凡腾,1987年的耿小峰,1989年的邵朴亮,然后是1991年。1993年的滕尚500万彩票官网坤和韩荣泽...其中,邓小飞,韩荣泽邵普亮和滕尚坤在今年的超级联赛中表现尤其出色。鲁能青年训练队可以为每个年龄段的人选出至少一名优秀的门将。有什么秘密?

First of all, the ability of Luneng youth training to continue to train good goalkeepers is inseparable from the domestic league without foreign goalkeepers. In 1999, Sasha came to Luneng with Santrac. Under his brave performance, Shandong Luneng only conceded 13 goals in 26 games. The defense seems to be improved by a level, creating the least conceded goal in China's top league. The record also won the double crown that season. The arrival of Sasha gave Luneng's defense an immediate improvement, and made other teams follow suit and introduce foreign goalkeepers. With goalkeepers from all over the world gaining a foothold in China, the Football Association is worried that it will squeeze the living space of local goalkeepers. Coupled with the successive failures of the national team, it is considered that the opening of foreign aid restricts the growth of local players. Therefore, a ban has been imposed on foreign goalkeepers. The history of professional football in China draws an end. If there is no goalkeeper ban, in the special position of goalkeeper, domestic players may be more oppressed than strikers.

首先,鲁能青年队训练继续训练优秀守门员的能力与没有外国守门员的国内联赛密不可分。 Sasha于1999年与Santrac一起来到鲁能。在鲁能的出色表现下,山东鲁能在26场比赛中仅失13球。防守似乎有所提高,创造了中国顶级联赛中失球最少的进球。唱片也赢得了那个赛季的双冠王。萨沙(Sasha)的到来使鲁能的防守得到了立竿见影的改善,并使其他球队也效仿并引进了国外门将。随着来自世界各地的守门员在中国的立足点,足协担心它将挤压当地守门员的生活空间。加上国家队接连的失败,人们认为开放外国援助会限制本地球员的成长。因此,对外国守门员实行500万彩票官网了禁令。中国职业足球的历史终结了。如果没有门将禁令,那么在门将的特殊位置上,国内球员可能比前锋更具压迫感。

Secondly, the position of the goalkeeper is particularly stable, not only the stability of the goalkeeper's own state, but also the stability of the goalkeeper's position. The main goalkeeper of a team will not rotate unless it suffers an injury, and the opportunity to play is "far in the sky and close in front of the substitute goalkeeper." The lack of a stable chance to play as a substitute goalkeeper means that the state of the game is uncertain. If the substitute goalkeeper does not catch the occasional rotation opportunity, it is very likely that the coach will be directly beaten by the coach.


Although Luneng youth training has always been rich in goalkeepers, Luneng's own children rarely occupy the main position in the position of goalkeeper. This has to mention Luneng’s two generations of national “two thunders”-Li Leilei and Wang Dalei. In 2005, Yang Chenggang was firmly established as Luneng’s main goalkeeper for one season. In the second year, Li Leilei, the national gate at the time, moved to Luneng, and Yang Cheng became a substitute again. Goalkeeper, in the next four years, although Yang Cheng didn't make many appearances, he played steadily every time. After 2010, Li Leilei faded out of Luneng’s main lineup due to his age. After four years of waiting on the bench, Yang Cheng became Luneng’s main goalkeeper again; four years later, the younger Wang Dalei came to Luneng, considering his chance to play. With the development of his career, Yang Cheng had to say goodbye to Luneng, who had served for ten years.

尽管鲁能青年训练学校的门将一直很丰富,但鲁能自己的孩子很少在守门员中占据主要位置。不得不提到鲁能的两代民族“两次雷声”-李雷雷和王大雷。 2005年,杨成刚牢固树立了鲁能一个赛季的主要门将。第二年,当时的国门李雷雷移居鲁能,杨成再次担任替补。守门员,在接下来的四年中,尽管杨成没有出场很多,但每次都稳定比赛。 2010年之后,李磊磊因年龄原因退出了鲁能的主力阵容。在替补席上等待了四年之后,杨成再次成为了鲁能的主要门将;四年后,考虑到他的比赛机会,年轻的王大雷来到鲁能。随着事业的发展,杨诚不得不跟已经服务十年的鲁能说再见。

At this time, the person who was waiting for a chance to play on the bench became Han Rongze. It was until 2016 that Han Rongze got his first chance to play. However, more than two years after his debut, Han Rongze never got the chance to play again. In the 2018 season In the latter part, Han Rongze won consecutive playing opportunities. From 2012 to 2018, Han Rongze spent a full six years at Luneng as a substitute goalkeeper. In these six years, apart from the reserve team, there was only one opportunity for the first team to play. However, he has no regrets and said: "Da Lei He has always been the main player of the national team, a very good big brother, including training and living together for so many years, I have learned a lot from him." In his usual training and life, he has always kept in mind what he got in football school. His teachings and advice have always been strict with himself with high standards. Because of this, when Wang Dalei was unable to play in an accident, Han Rongze could become the reassuring wall in front of Luneng's goal. Practical, hardworking and diligent is a precious quality of the goalkeepers trained by Luneng Youth Training.


Self-discipline is also the main reason why the Luneng goalkeeper broke out this season, and the 37-year-old Deng Xiaofei is undoubtedly the best spokesperson for self-discipline. Deng Xiaofei, born in 1983, is 37 years old this year. During his 18-year career, he has played for Luneng, Wuhan, Jiangsu, Chongqing and Greentown teams. Wang Qiang and Han Peng, who are his age, have chosen to retire. He returned to Chongqing from Greentown at the beginning of this season. Many people think that the main task of the former "Sheng Xiaofei" this season is to use his rich experience to guide young people. However, in the second half of the first stage, Deng Xiaofei used his own The performance regained the position of the main goalkeeper, and led the team that was relegated at the beginning of the season to the third place in the championship group. In Deng Xiaofei's room, there is a yoga mat and foam roller beside the bed. Before and after each training session, he will do some static strength and stretching training by himself. Self-discipline makes veteran Deng Xiaofei an evergreen tree in the goalkeeper position.


The collective explosion of Luneng youth training goalkeepers In addition to the environment and the goalkeeper’s own efforts, the contribution of the Luneng youth training coaching team cannot be ignored. Now that he has left the Luneng Youth Training, Lu Qien, who has served as the goalkeeper coach of the Shandong Women's Football and Chinese Women's Football Team, has devoted great efforts to the goalkeeper training of the Luneng Youth Training. Under the careful guidance of Director Lu, Deng Xiaofei, Guan Zhen, Yang Cheng, Han Fangteng and other goalkeepers entered the professional arena and were selected for national teams at various levels. As a former first-team goalkeeper, Zhang Pengsheng has a more thorough understanding of the tactics of the first team and the technical requirements of the goalkeeper; and Zhang Pengsheng has been coaching at Luneng Football School for more than ten years and has a wealth of youth training. Experience, Han Rongze, Shao Puliang, Zhou Yuchen, Liu Weiguo, etc. are his proud students. During the training, Zhang Pengsheng also had very strict requirements on his disciples. He imparted his experience to his disciples without reservation. Zhang Pengsheng also patiently guided his disciples when they encountered difficulties in life and competition.


I hope that in the next second stage of the game, not only the goalkeeper, but also the players in other positions in the Luneng youth training team can shine. At the same time, I also hope that the excellent coaching team of Luneng Youth Training will train more talents for Luneng for Chinese football.


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