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As the first player in the Trident of the Red Army to land at Anfield Stadium, Firmino has always been loved by fans. Under Klopp's hands, he also became the pioneer of Uncle Zha's red revolution by virtue of his outstanding strength. As an important member of the team, Firmino and his teammates helped Liverpool cut the sixth Champions League championship in team history and the first league trophy in the Premier League era, becoming the creator of another glorious era of the Red Army.


Unlike traditional centers, Firmino's positioning on the court is very special. Whether it is a pseudo-nine or a defensive striker, it is difficult to summarize the role played and the work done by the Brazilian. In essence, Firmino is a key connection point for Klopp's placement in the team's frontcourt. He often retracements with a large margin, and is usually not the team's first scorer. With such tactical dividends, both Salah and Mane benefited a lot.


However, from another perspective, this also means that Firmino does not need to assume the responsibility of the team's goals, although from the past games, he has this ability. But in the final analysis, Firmino is a striker after all, and scoring should be his instinct. Last season was the most productive season since he joined the team. In the Premier League, it took him a full ten league rounds to open his scoring account. At the end of the season, he only scored 9 leagues. The ball is credited. In the Champions League, as the defending champion No. 9, he only scored one goal in his home game with Atletico, and Liverpool's road to defending ended.


In the league last season, his expected number of goals was 16.69, almost double his actual number of goals (9). And his 2.91 shots per 90 minutes is the highest number outside of the 16-17 season. The 8 assists is the best performance of Firmino since landing in the Premier League. After five rounds this season, he has also scored two assists. But in fact, his contribution to the team when he got the ball is gradually decreasing.


His number of passes and dribbling passes per 90 minutes has been declining, and has reached the lowest value in the past four seasons, and the number of key passes is only second to last in the past four seasons. And as more teams started to choose conservative ways of playing when facing Liverpool, Firmino got more chances to touch the ball in the penalty area. His defensive data of 0.97 steals, 0.11 interceptions and 0.29 clearances per game also began to decline significantly.


The goal from the center position, the tandem of the front midfielder, and the physical force after a large-scale retracement, these precious qualities allowed the team to win and win the championship. In the past three seasons, his two partners have each contributed at least 20+ goals. In the 17-18 season, Salah completed a feat of 45 goals in a single season, which is closely related to the sacrifices made by Firmino. Such a willingness to be a green leaf has not only achieved him, but also led to his personal scoring dilemma to a certain extent.


Intuitively speaking, Firmino's 9 league goals are only ranked 15th among the starting strikers of the Premier League teams, but his 99 shots are ranked fourth in the league, like Bivardi, Aubameyang and Ince. There are more shooters in the top three. In the new season of the league, none of his 8-foot shots turned into goals. Although facing the doubts of celebrities and fans, Klopp still firmly supports his lover. But Firmino's poor state still affected the team's performance and record.


Jota introduced by Xia Chuang and Takumi Minano, who joined in the winter window last season, provide the team with a high-quality competitive environment in the frontcourt. The younger and more energetic, they not only supplement the depth of the team’s lineup, but also enrich the tactics The style of play offers possibilities. In addition to the classic 433, returning to No. 10 in Firmino and changing the formation to 4231 may be a way to play to his characteristics. In addition, the existence of world-class midfielder Thiago also makes this possibility more maneuverable.

由Xia Chuang和Takumi Minano介绍的Jota,他们上赛季在冬季的窗户里参加了比赛,为车队在前场提供了高质量的竞争环境。他们年轻而充满活力,不仅补充了球队阵容的深度,而且丰富了战术。打法提供了可能性。除了经典的433之外,重返Firmino的第10名并将编队更改为4231可能是发挥他的特性的一种方式。另外,世界一流的中场蒂亚戈的存在也使这种可能性变得更加可操作。

In addition to these choices, Brewster leaving the team this summer is also worth looking forward to. In the next three years, Liverpool will have his buy-back terms. As long as he can realize his potential in Sheffield United, it is conceivable to return to Anfield in the future. He has the opportunity to become another masterpiece of Liverpool's youth training.

除了这些选择之外,布鲁斯特今年夏天离开球队也值得期待。在未来三年中,利物浦将有他的回购条款。只要他能在Sheffield United发挥自己的潜力,将来就有可能重返安菲尔德。他有机会成为利物浦青年训练的又一杰作。

For Firmino, in his Red Army career, although goals have never been the only indicator of his contribution, it is worth noting that since the 16-17 season, his expected goals began to increase. This is also a side performance of Liverpool after its continuous improvement in strength. But Brazilians’ ability to seize opportunities has not been strengthened with this trend. Generally speaking, when a forward is expected to score more goals than he actually scored, it is no longer friendly to the team's offense. It is a tricky problem that the expected goals like Firmino significantly exceed the goals.


After Van Dijk fell, Liverpool will inevitably encounter great challenges in defense. Whether it is Gomez or Matip, or Fabinho, who has changed to play as a central defender, it is difficult for the Dutch to make up for the loss caused by the absence of injury. In this case, strengthening the offense and oppression of the opponent becomes even more important. Although it seems premature to start talking about Fermino's replacement, if he can't get out of the downturn as soon as possible, then his position in the trident will no longer be so indispensable. The good news is that he still has 33 rounds of the Premier League and a nearly complete Champions League season. In this destined extraordinary season, can Firmino and Liverpool rise to the challenge and continue to create brilliance? Let us wait and see together!

范·迪克(Van Dijk)倒台后,利物浦将不可避免地在防守上遇到巨大挑战。无论是戈麦斯(Gomez)还是马蒂普(Matip),还是法比尼奥(Fabinho),都已经改500万彩票成了中后卫,荷兰人很难弥补因没有受伤而造成的损失。在这种情况下,加强对手的进攻和压迫变得更加重要。尽管开始谈论费尔米500万彩票诺的替代似乎为时过早,但如果他不能尽快摆脱低迷状态,那么他在三叉戟中的地位将不再是必不可少的。好消息是他仍然有33轮英超联赛和近乎完整的欧冠赛季。在这个注定的非凡赛季,菲尔米诺和利物浦能否迎接挑战并继续创造辉煌?让我们一起拭目以待!

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