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With a penalty kick in 120 minutes, SIPG eliminated Shenhua and advanced. The Shanghai Derby will always give fans a different feeling. Indeed, looking at the game last night, Shenhua did a better job in many details than in the previous one, and Pereira was a little weak in tactical settings. There were too many problems exposed and too many points to be summarized. Relying on Chen Wei's key performance at the last moment, it is very likely that the Super League will end early this season.


Many fans will find that Greenland Shenhua takes the initiative in this game, with a possession rate close to 50-50 and as many as 21 shots. This is very different from the first game. Cui Kangxi worked hard on the team's offensive level. After insisting on the strangling and cutting tactics in the first round, Shenhua's offense also improved a lot, which made Pereira's SIPG seem a bit at a loss.


In this game, Shanghai SIPG continued to play as a full-power team. The only difference was that Cai Huikang replaced Lu Wenjun as the starter, which increased the thickness of the midfield. On the other hand, Shenhua put all the cards in the back. The starting lineup is only a foreign aid from Mbia, and the principle of defensive counterattack remains unchanged.


After the opening, Shenhua achieved a certain offensive, and SIPG's counterattack strategy was somewhat confusing, resulting in the ball being often restricted to the first three passes at the start of the half. Let’s take a look at the picture in the 7th minute. Hulk’s solo assault intends to instigate a counterattack. It is not clear whether the Mu Yi next to him will advance or lead the ball forward. Shenhua’s midfielder is more defensive than offensive. The characteristics were revealed, the counter-grab on the spot formed an opportunity, and the subsequent long shots formed a certain threat.


In the 9th minute, Shenhua launched another attack on the left. The process of this rush was more similar to a pick-and-roll tactic. SIPG’s three defensive players on the right were completely "overheaded". After the inverted triangle passed to the center, it was another long distance. Shooting poses a threat. It can be seen that Cui Kangxi had a lot of offensive routines on the tactical board based on the defense in the first round.

在第9分钟,申花在左侧再次发动进攻。赶工的过程更类似于挡拆战术。 SIPG右边的三名防守队员完全“头顶”。倒三角形到达中心后,又是一段很长的距离。射击构成威胁。可以看出,崔康熙在第一轮的防守基础上在战术板上有很多进攻常规。

In the first half, every time SIPG advances, targeted players will conduct multi-player double-team interception. This also allows Greenland Shenhua to play effective cooperation on the left flank many times, and immediately plays the ball after stealing SIPG players. Advance, the offense is simple and effective.


Most of the time SIPG’s offensive organization is very fragmented under the constraints of opponents. Mui found Oscar with a precise long pass in the 31st minute, and Oscar passed to Anautovic, who adjusted and shot wide. This clip is the best opportunity for SIPG in this game, and it is also one of the few times that Shenhua has exposed the open space behind her after she hit the offense.


After halftime, Pereira took the lead in making adjustments, replacing Cai Huikang with Lu Wenjun, with the intention of strengthening the offense and making the formation more pressure. But only three minutes later, Greenland Shenhua once again passed through SIPG's midfield with a simple and effective pass. From the picture below, it is not difficult to find that SIPG is always a little bit inconsistent when passing through the midfield, and the accuracy and accuracy of the deep ball are not in the state.

半场结束后,佩雷拉(Pereira)率先做出调整,以鲁文俊(Lu Wenjun)代替蔡慧康(Cui Huikang),目的是加强进攻并增加组建压力。但是仅三分钟后,格陵兰神华队又一次简单有效地通过了SIPG的中场。从下图可以不难看出,SIPG在通过中场时总是有些不一致,并且深球的准确性和准确性都没有。

It is worth mentioning in this game that SIPG has played a key role in the organization and connection of the midfield. Let’s take a look at the process of making a penalty. Muy instigated a counterattack. After SIPG cooperated on the left, Hulk gave the ball laterally to Oscar, and Oscar handed it to Anautovic, who sent the ball to the running heel. Mu Yi plugged in. This offensive process played out the familiar coordination ideas of SIPG, and Mu Yi's performance in the offensive system is also worthy of praise.

值得一提的是,SIPG在中场的组织和联系中发挥了关键作用。让我们看一下惩罚的过程。 Muy发起了反击。 SIPG左手配合后,绿巨人将球横向传给了奥斯卡,然后奥斯卡将球交给了安纳托维奇,后者将球传到了脚后跟。穆毅加入进来。这一进攻过程体现了SIPG熟悉的协调思想,穆毅在进攻体系中的表现也值得赞扬。

The lagging Shenhua quickly replaced all his hole cards on the bench and achieved immediate results. Under Moreno and Yang Xu's twin tower tactics, Shenhua strengthened the confidence in sending the ball to find a fulcrum and also made a certain threat. From these two waves of attacks in 70 minutes, we can see that Yang Xu and Moreno made room for the teammates behind Shenhua in the penalty area.


In the second half, Anautović repeatedly appeared in the defense position, and also made creative contributions on the offensive end. In addition to the heel pass that made points, the pass that delivered Oscar this time was also very fine and almost finished. .

下半场,安纳托维奇多次出现在防守位置,并且在进攻端也做出了创造性的贡献。除了脚跟传球可以得分外,这次送给奥斯卡的传球也非常出色,几乎完成了。 。

Mbia’s defense was the most important focus of Shenhua in the two rounds. After an 82-minute miss in the second half, Hulk seized the opportunity and was about to form a single shot. I have to say that this cost-effective signing has made Shenhua's defense a qualitative improvement.


Let’s take a look at SIPG’s loss in the second half. First of all, Yu Hai’s handling of the siege was not satisfactory, and then when Shenhua’s side road inverted triangle to the top of SIPG’s arc, SIPG’s midfielder failed to make up for it in time, allowing Sun Shilin. With an excellent position for long shots. It should be noted that Shenhua's several offenses in the first half also took advantage of SIPG's inadequate arc top protection for long shots. In this regard, Pereira's tactical arrangement in the locker room is flawed.


Judging from the review of the details of the game, coach Cui Kangxi had a complete victory over Pereira. Starting from a wave of offensive-based offenses at the beginning, perhaps SIPG players did not expect that their opponents would choose to attack first under such a lineup. Obviously SIPG's preparation was insufficient, and his backcourt shots were repeatedly intercepted by opponents. Compared to the first round Shenhua played as rough as Getafe, the second round Shenhua is more like Atletico Madrid.


Although Shenhua's offensive card strength is slightly flawed, but the idea of ​​the ball is very clear. It can be said that if Shenhua can keep these players and coach Cui Kangxi in the future, there is still a certain hope for good performance. Looking back at the first stage of the game, you will find that Shenhua ranked fourth in the Dalian District for a certain reason. He scored 16 goals and lost 15 goals. Although the offense was slightly weak, the defense definitely improved. Compared with the various miserable defeats in previous seasons, Shenhua this season has improved after strengthening many players. In addition to conceding more goals in the two rounds against Evergrande, Greenland Shenhua is facing other opponents. Playing very stable all the time.


Let's talk about SIPG, the first round of the attack is the biggest problem of this season, and last night's sports battle could not be played, and even the opportunity to advance to the opponent's half for a positional battle is rare. If Pereira's defensive tactical board is acceptable, then the offensive tactical board is a failure. Many European players in the front court did not knead well under Pereira. Such a downturn would not be a good sign if they encounter stronger opponents in the subsequent knockout rounds.


Let’s take a look at the 95th minute of the game’s offensive and defensive transition. After Shenhua got the ball, she used a three-legged pass to hit the frontcourt, and the cross formed a threat after finding a high point. This was also Shenhua's tactical thinking in the second half. After SIPG made the siege, the way to instigate the offense was to pass the ball with a long kick and never let it go. In this game, most of the time SIPG's shots in its own half were either intercepted or purposelessly cleared. A purposeful long pass like Mu Yi is considered more reliable. May I ask, what is SIPG's offensive tactics? Where did the design of the advancement route go?


So, what kind of team do SIPG fans want to see? One kick quickly breaks the opponent's multiplayer double-teaming, there are players running in support, and the midfield interception is strong. Such familiar characteristics disappeared last night. You must know that when Oscar and Hulk are facing double-teaming by their opponents, other players should stand up and run to the right space for the next step. When the Shenhua formation is pressed out On the contrary, SIPG’s offensive seems helpless, which is worthy of reflection. Last night’s SIPG was very procrastinated in the first time of the offensive and defensive transition. After the ball moved to the frontcourt, Shenhua’s defense line was basically in place. The players made too many mistakes and the pass success rate was only 75%, which was a low season. Happening.


Of course, in last night’s substitution, it was a wise move for Pereira to switch to Yu Rui. Yu Rui’s multiple defenses and fast speeds successfully resolved the dangers of SIPG. It can be said that the introduction of Yu Rui, SIPG is a good reinforcement.

当然,在昨晚的换人赛中,佩雷拉(Pereira)改选于睿(Yu Rui)是明智之举。于锐的多重防御和快速行动成功地解决了SIPG的危险。可以说,宇瑞的引进对SIPG是一个很好的加强。

With Chen Wei's brave performance in the penalty shootout, SIPG finally advanced without risk. In fact, the cruelty of the knockout rounds has been well reflected in these two rounds. There is no retreat for both sides of the game, but the idea of ​​Greenland Shenhua is more clear. For Pereira, if there is no reflection and change, such a state and tactics will only play more ugly when facing a stronger opponent.


Finally, I also hope that Chen Wei can play more and more steadily in the future games. Yan Junling recovers soon. The fans of the expedition are all good. Come on!


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