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500万彩票|恒大VS华夏前瞻:恒大望轻取“无帅”华夏 国足三叉戟有望合体

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At 19:35 on October 21st, Beijing time, in the 16th round of the 2020 Super League, which is the second round of the first round of the second stage, a championship group match, Guangzhou Evergrande vs. Hebei Huaxia Fortune, the first round of the reversal of Heng Dawang easily advances, who will replace Micro Motion as the main left gate, whether Wei Shihao and Fernando can return to the starting line, and Exon form the national trident of Evergrande. The absence of coach Xie Feng will affect China's happiness. How they will adjust if they desperately need to score is a key aspect of this campaign.


The two teams have had 10 matchups in the Super League. Evergrande has 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, scored 21 goals and lost 8 goals. The only loss to China was in the 29th round of 2017. At that time, China had won the championship with a 3-0 home win Evergrande. In the 5 encounters between the two teams in the last two seasons, Evergrande has 4 wins and 1 draw, and the last 4 encounters have won all. The most recent move was the contest 3 days ago. Evergrande was first scored by Yin Hongbo. In the second half, Wu Shaocong, Exon and Wei Shihao scored 3 goals in a row to reverse and win.


Before the game, Asian Gaming Company offered the odds for this campaign, and Evergrande gave a goal, which shows that all agencies are optimistic about Evergrande's double play pass. In terms of odds changes, as the game approaches, Evergrande’s winning odds continue to fall. We can trust Evergrande to easily advance to the next round.


Aspect 1: Micro Motion Wing is injured. Who is the left back of Kashuai?


Micro Motion Wing suffered a right knee ligament injury in the first round. It is basically certain that he will miss the second round of the two teams. With Li Xuepeng still unable to play, which player will Cannavaro use as the starting left back? Since Mei also has injuries, Mei played the central defender and Park Zhizhu moved to the left of the 4 central defender should not appear; then, the replacement candidate will be between Wu Shaocong and Zhong Yihao, if Wu Shaocong starts, the frontcourt It is possible to remove Yang Liyu and send Wei Shihao or Fernando on the side; if Zhong Yihao is chosen, Yang Liyu will most likely retain his starting position.


Aspect Two: Wei Shaohui's starting lineup, the national football trident looks to fit together


In the last 45 minutes of the bench, Wei Shihao made a point and added a head hammer to score, continuing the good state before the injury and proving that he is fully worthy of returning to the starting treatment. In this campaign, if his physical condition allows, Wei Shao will return to the starting lineup with a high probability. Yang Liyu and Taliska, who were mediocre in the first round, may be replaced. This season, Canton Tower has only 3 goals and 1 assist in 11 starts, which is really a bit sorry for Cannavaro's trust. In addition to Wei Shihao, Fernando, who attended the pre-match press conference with Cannavaro, is also expected to join the starting lineup. They, plus Exxon, are both selected for the latest national football squad. The national football trident is expected to start for the first time. Together in the lineup.


Aspect 3: How is "Wushuai" Huaxia happy?

aspect 3: how is "w u帅" hu阿霞happy?

In this campaign, due to the death of his father, the guidance of Xie Feng, who will rush back to Beijing to handle housework, cannot conduct on-site command. The command will be given to two assistants Zhang Chaosong and Huang Qingliang, which may affect China Fortune’s on-the-spot adaptability. Once a goal is scored in the game, when the first glimmer of advancement lights up again, can the two assistant coaches make timely adjustments in personnel and even formation? Nevertheless, Huaxia Xingfu hopes to play well in the game and dedicated it to the guidance of Xie Feng and his family.


Aspect 4: Strengthen the offense? China lacks enough alternatives


If Goolat can make his debut and Dong Xuesheng is still on the team, China Fortune Land Development will have more room for adjustment, but at present, the two of them avoid and leave the team, making China Fortune Land Development, who must strengthen their attack in the second round, lack a strong alternative. , Especially when Paulinho and Touré played relatively ordinary in the first round, there is no suitable candidate to feed Malcon. In addition to Bao Yaxiong's injury, China is bound to send a U23 player who is not the goalkeeper, which may cause the team's overall combat effectiveness to decline.

如果古拉特(Goolat)能够首次亮相,而董学胜(Dong Xuesheng)仍在团队中,那么《中国财富》土地发展部将有更大的调整空间,但目前,他们两个避开并离开了团队,这使得《中国财富》土地发展部必须加强自己的实力。在第二轮进攻中,缺乏强大的选择。 ,尤其是当Paulinho和Touré在第一轮比赛中表现相对平凡时,没有合适的人选来喂Malcon。除了包亚雄的伤病外,中国势必还会派遣一名不是门将的U23球员,这可能会导致该队的整体战斗力下降。

Huang Qingliang (assistant coach of China Fortune Land Development): The second game of the second stage will begin again. In the first game, we all played well in the first 70 minutes, but lost the ball in the final time of the game. This ball is an exercise for everyone. In each game, we are in accordance with the requirements of the coach to formulate the lineup and play, this time we will still be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the coach. Because our U23 goalkeeper is only Bao Yaxiong, the remaining goalkeepers are all over-age, so our U23 quota will be given to our backcourt players.


Cannavaro (Head coach of Evergrande): The team's performance in the first half of the last game was not very good, mainly because the things we trained did not show. In the second half, our performance was still very good, and the game was finally reversed. The first round of the match ended with a score of 3-1, which made me very satisfied. In addition, my job is to tell the players that the game is not over and there can be no relaxation. The strength of Hebei Huaxia Fortune is very balanced, and the skills and tactics are also very comprehensive.






Injury players:




Hebei China Fortune: Zhang Chengdong (due to injury), Gao Lat (avoided), Bao Yaxiong (accumulated 4 yellow cards suspended)


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