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【500万彩票】【深度】拜仁关窗四大新援一览 他们在新赛季又将扮演何种角色?

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As the new champion of the new division, Bayern Munich's performance in the transfer market this summer once caused fans to criticize it. In addition to finally finalizing Sane, they almost did nothing, instead letting go of a number of key players from last season. However, before the deadline, Bayern successfully introduced four first-team members: Douglas Costa, Eric Maxime Supomotin, Mark Roca and Buna Saar.


These players served as wingers, center forwards, midfielders and right backs respectively. Sports director Salihamidzic won his own "breathing apparatus", and Bayern's shortcomings have also been targeted to strengthen. But where did these newcomers come from? What role will they play this season?


Nationality: Brazil (3 goals in 31 appearances)


Position: Winger


Age: 30 years old


Introduced from: Juventus (on loan)


Past events: After three years of misfortune, Costa unexpectedly returned to Bayern on loan before closing the window. This lightning transaction also surprised many people. Costa transferred from Uzbek Superpowers Shakhtar Donetsk to Bayern in 2015, and the COCO combination once formed with Koman is also considered to be the successor of "Roberg". He also defended the Bundesliga with the team in the 15-16 and 16-17 seasons and scored the winning penalty in the German Cup final against Dortmund in the first season. Costa subsequently moved to Juventus in the summer of 2017, and the 40 million euro transfer fee also set a record for Bayern. In the past three years, he has played 103 games for the old woman and scored 10 goals, continuing to help the team monopolize Serie A.

过去的事件:在经历了三年的不幸之后,科斯塔出人意料地以借贷的形式返回拜仁,然后关闭了窗户。闪电交易也使许多人感到惊讶。哥斯达黎加于2015年从乌兹别克斯坦大国顿涅茨克(Shakhtar Donetsk)调任至拜仁,而曾经与科曼(Koman)组成的COCO合并也被视为“罗伯格”的继承者。他还在15-16和16-17赛季与球队一起捍卫了德甲联赛,并在第一个赛季的德国杯决赛中对阵多特蒙德取得了胜利。科斯塔随后于2017年夏天转会至尤文图斯,而4000万欧元的转会费也创下了拜仁的纪录。在过去的三年中,他为老妇人出战103场比赛,打入10球,继续帮助球队垄断意甲。

Future role: Despite the introduction of Sane this summer, Bayern has let Perisic and Coutinho go, which also reduced the number of wingers in the Bayern team. Considering that Gnabry and Coman are also vulnerable physiques, Bayern also needs to increase the depth of the lineup at this position. Costa's return can not only supplement the lineup, but also further stimulate healthy competition among several young wingers. Considering that Costa has won as many as 10 league championships, his experience and winner mentality will also help the team at critical moments. At the same time, Costa's extremely sharp breakthrough will also become Bayern's weapon at a critical moment. He and the above three wingers are also enough to make any European giants look at them.


Nationality: Cameroon (14 goals in 49 games)


Position: Center


Age: 31 years old


Introduced from: Paris Saint-Germain (visa-free)


Past events: another old Bundesliga face. The Cameroon international made his Bundesliga debut for Hamburg as early as 2007 and has since played 204 Bundesliga games in Hamburg, Nuremberg, Mainz and Schalke. Subormotin left Schalke three years ago and moved to Stoke City, and has since joined Paris Saint-Germain. During his two seasons in Paris, Subormotin played a total of 51 games and scored 9 goals, won 2 Ligue 1 titles, and also won the French Cup, French League Cup and French Super Cup.

过去的事件:德甲另一张老面孔。喀麦隆国脚早在2007年就在汉堡首次亮相了德甲联赛,此后在汉堡,纽伦堡,美因茨和沙尔克举行了204场德甲比赛。 Subormotin三年前离开沙尔克,搬到斯托克城,此后加入了巴黎圣日耳曼。 Subormotin在巴黎的两个赛季中,总共出战51场比赛,打入9球,赢得2个Ligue 1冠军,还赢得了法国杯,法国联赛杯和法国超级杯。

Future role: During his time in Paris, Supomotin spent most of his time as a substitute for Cavani, Icardi and others. The purpose of Bayern's introduction of him is also to allow Lewande to get occasional rest opportunities. The latter's performance in recent seasons has become more and more outstanding, but as the age increases, it does need a substitute to share playing time. Compared to the still relatively immature Zilkeze, Shupomoting is obviously more reassuring. It is worth mentioning that Shupomoting is still a well-known good old man. He has been loved in the locker room during the period of each team. There was even news that many Parisian cores hope that the team can renew the contract for Supomoting. . Such a low-key player who does not fight or grab is indeed the best candidate for Lewandard's substitute.

未来的角色:在巴黎期间,Supomotin用了大部分时间来代替Cavani,Icardi和其他人。拜仁引进他的目的还在于让勒万德获得偶尔的休息机会。后者在最近几个赛季的表现越来越出色,但是随着年龄的增长,它确实需要替代品来分享比赛时间。与仍然相对不成熟的Zilkeze相比,Shupomoting显然更加放心。值得一提的是,舒珀莫汀仍然是一位著名的好老人。在每个团队期间,他都在更衣室里受到了爱。甚至有消息称,许多巴黎核心人士希望该团队可以续签Supomoting合同。 。如此低调,不打架或争抢的球员确实是勒万达德替补球员的最佳人选。

Nationality: Spain (U21 national team scored 2 goals in 7 appearances)


Position: Defensive midfielder


Age: 23 years old


Introduced from: Spaniard


Past: Roca has joined the Spanish Youth Academy since the age of 11. He has performed well in all age groups and was finally able to make his first team debut in the 16-17 season coached by Flores. It is worth mentioning that Roca's debut took place in the second round of the season and played directly in the league against Málaga as a starter. In the summer of last year, he was also one of the main players in Spain's U21 victory in the European Youth Championship, playing the role of the 2-1 victory over the German national youth. Roca has played a total of 121 official games for the home team, but due to the relegation of the home team, he finally decided to switch to Bayern.


Future role: Many people regard Roca as Spain's new generation of Xavi Alonso, but the competition he has to face is also fierce. The dual-core performance of the German midfielder composed of Kimmich and Gretzka is quite strong. Even the World Cup champion midfielder Toliso can only fight for the substitute, and Thiago's departure is not without this reason.

未来的角色:许多人将Roca视为西班牙的新一代Xavi Alonso,但他必须面对的竞争也很激烈。由Kimmich和Gretzka组成的德国中场的双核心表现非常强劲。甚至世界杯冠军中场球员托里索也只能为替补而战,而蒂亚戈的离开并非没有这个原因。

Although he can't immediately replace Thiago's role, fortunately, Rocca, as a rookie and young player, is not in a hurry. His main positioning in the first season should be a substitute rotation. But the news that veteran Harvey Martinez is still staying in the team is a big plus for Roca. Hama will also be able to provide more guidance and advice for Rocca to settle down in Munich.


Nationality: French/Senegal/Guinea


Position: right back


Age: 28 years old


Introduced from: Marseille


Past: After Metz was dropped to France C in 2012, Thrall became the team's first choice for right back. He also continued to upgrade with the team thereafter, and in his first season back in Ligue 1 he contributed 2 goals and 3 assists in 30 league games. This also allowed him to get the favor of Marseille and once again became the main right back in the new team. In the 17-18 season, Saar played in all the team's games. Marseille also reached the Europa League final that year, but eventually lost to Atletico Madrid 0-3 at the Lyon Stadium. Although due to his parents' immigration status, Saar is eligible to play for Senegal and Guinea in international competitions, but he only wanted to wear the French team jersey, which also made him have not participated in the national team competition. However, the higher attention he has received from joining Bayern may also be able to satisfy his wish.


Future role: Bayern Sports Director Salihamidzic called Sal "an experienced and stable player who meets Frick's requirements for a right back." It may be difficult to replace compatriot Pawar in the main position, not to mention the performance of the young American international Richards in his first Bundesliga debut.


But the intensive schedule faced by Bayern also means that the team will definitely rotate. At the same time, Thrall’s technical characteristics are closer to that of left-back Davis, which means that compared to Paval and Richards, Thrall has more offensive attributes, which will also give Bayern more tactics. Change tricks.




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