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The growing issue of Shen Yinhao's penalty actually gives people more thinking! In competitive sports, the eternal topic is controversial, if there is no such sports as table tennis, gymnastics, and tennis (with eagle eye technology). For football, the use of VAR is the use of the results of human scientific and technological progress. If such scientific and technological achievements become a tool for some small teams or other people with ulterior motives, then the scientific and technological achievements have no meaning! In football sports, in fact, it is more of a test of human nature. For example, the operation of the gambling company is too big, and the game held by some non-governmental associations is too small. As for the top football matches under China's national conditions, this is a window open to the whole world. The level of competition, the presentation of excitement, and other issues are always showing the level of this Chinese sport. Regarding Shen Yinhao’s penalty for Bacambu, some people believed that Kadar hit Bacambu’s calf before the penalty kick. Others believed that football is a physical confrontation and physical collisions are inevitable. But is there any intentional or unintentional foul? The topic of consciousness is endless, public speaking is justified, and mother-in-law speaking is reasonable! But if we look at the whole game, the tendentious penalties are obvious! In addition to mentioning our own abilities in international competitions, we are more concerned with refereeing issues. For example, the penalty of Fagani in the Asian arena made Chinese fans nauseous, leading China to give up hosting the 2022 U23 Asian Cup. When facing Fagani’s penalties, we have always thought that Fagani has problems. However, no matter which team you are a supporter in the league, you are always hurt by the referee ruthlessly in the face of unfair penalties. Then Some of the profitable teams are vigorously defending and some are silent; while the neutral teams are cynic, and some are filled with indignation. But no matter what kind of attitude you are, this kind of thing will somehow fall on you one day. At present, many fans, the media, or the big V said that Luneng fans would check their papers and report anonymously if they disagree, so why not ask the competent authorities why they are not brave enough to deal with such matters? There are only one or two channels for fans as a normal reaction of civil organizations. What else can they do? From the Fu Ming incident to the Shen Yinhao incident, the results of Luneng's match were a tie and no loss. Even if Luneng defeated Henan Jianye in the first round last year, could it win the 2019 Super League championship? Even if Luneng beat Beijing Guoan 2-0 in the second round, whether there will be situations such as the FA Cup being overturned, all this is unknown at the time! The fans' requirement is to get the corresponding score in a fair and just environment. The runner-up of the Luneng Football Association Cup 2019 did not pursue the referee unreasonably. Luneng took a 2-0 lead against Guoan in the first half with various disadvantages, and scored a wonderful team goal in the sports battle. This is a manifestation of spirit. In other words, in this environment, if Luneng still receives special care from the referee in the second round, the seriousness of the uneven situation is even more unimaginable than it is now! The problems in the football circle are solved in the football circle. If there is no solution, no answer, no reply, what should be done? In the end, the competent authority needs to come forward to quell the matter! I wonder if the major media practitioners consider the feelings of fans when they are trampled on their feelings again and again? Ask yourself, who can be the so-called "sage"?

沉银浩的刑罚问题日益严重,实际上给了人们更多的思考!在竞技体育中,如果没有诸如乒乓球,体操和网球(采用鹰眼技术)之类的运动,永恒的话题将引起争议。对于足球而言,使用VAR就是利用人类科学技术进步的成果。如果这样的科技成果成为一些小团队或别有用心的人的工具,那么科技成果就没有意义! 实际上,在足球运动中,它更多地是对人性的考验。例如,赌博公司的经营规模太大,某些非政府组织举办的游戏规模也很小。至于中国国情下的顶级足球比赛,这是全世界的一个窗口。比赛的水平,兴奋的表现以及其他问题总是在表明中国这项运动的水平。 关于沉银浩对Bacambu的处罚,有些人认为,Kadar在罚点球之前打了Bacambu的小腿。其他人则认为足球是身体上的对抗,物理上的碰撞是不可避免的。但是,是否有故意或无意的犯规500万彩票官网?意识主题是无止境的,公开演讲是有道理的,婆婆讲话是合理的!但是,如果我们看整个比赛,那么容易受到的惩罚是显而易见的! 除了提及自己在国际比赛中的能力外,我们还更加关注裁判问题。例如,法加尼在亚洲赛场上的处罚使中国球迷感到恶心,导致中国放弃主办2022年U23亚洲杯。在面对法加尼的处罚时,我们一直认为法加尼有问题。但是,无论您是联盟的哪支球队的支持者,面对不公平的罚款,您总是会受到裁判员500万彩票官网的无情伤害。然后,一些有利可图的团队在大力防守,而另一些则保持沉默。而中立团队则愤世嫉俗,有些则充满愤慨。但是,无论您的态度如何,这种事情总有一天会落在您身上。 目前,许多球迷,媒体或大V表示,鲁能球迷会不同意他们的文件并匿名举报,那么为什么不问主管当局为什么他们不勇于应对此类问题呢?作为民间组织的正常反应,粉丝只有一两个渠道。他们还能做什么? 从福明事件到沉银浩事件,鲁能的比赛结果平平无损。即使鲁能去年在首轮击败河南建业,也能赢得2019年中超联赛冠军吗?即使鲁能在第二轮中以​​2-0击败北京国安队,是否还会有足总杯被推翻的情况,这在当时都是未知的!球迷的要求是在公平,公正的环境中获得相应的分数。 2019年鲁能足球协会杯亚军并没有不合理地追逐裁判。鲁能在上半场以各种劣势对阵国安队以2-0领先,并在体育比赛中打入了精彩的进球。这是精神的体现。换句话说,在这种环境下,如果鲁能在第二轮仍能得到裁判的特别照顾,那么不平衡状况的严重性将比现在更加难以想象! 足球圈中的问题在足球圈中得以解决。如果没有解决方案,没有答案,没有答复,应该怎么做?最后,主管当局需要挺身而出平息这件事!我想知道,主要的媒体从业者一次又一次地践踏粉丝的感受时,是否考虑了粉丝的感受?问问自己,谁能成为所谓的“圣人”?

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