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"Decathlon" covers all kinds of sports clothes, shoes, hats, and sports equipment. It is no exaggeration to say that there are only sports that you have never played, and there are no sports goods that you can't buy. I remember learning skiing early in the early years, when skiing was still an out-and-out niche project, Lao Zhang drove to the "decathlon" at Dajiaotingqiao in Beijing, skis, ski boots (actually sold by Salomon), ski Wearing gloves, eyes and helmets, they all greeted me, and only a fraction of a top European brand snowboard was spent in Ciqikou.


That "decathlon" ski suit helped Lao Zhang get started, and he wore it for about one snow season. At the beginning of the second snow season, except for snowboards, they were all repurchased and replaced with advanced products from other professional ski manufacturers with better air permeability, lighter weight and higher technology.


The "decathlon" thing is enough for popular entry, but it is not a high-end product. Its bicycle is better than a commuter bike, but it cannot meet the racing needs of advanced players; its running shoes can also be worn, but, You basically don’t see anyone wearing “decathlon” running shoes to participate in a marathon. A more reliable choice should be ASICS’s Kayano, Nike’s next%, Adidas’s boost, and Li Ning’s beng.


Coincidentally, the current decathlon world record holder is also a Frenchman. This man named Meyer Tiehan became the king of track and field with a score of 9126 last year. Among the 9126 points, 100 meters in 10 seconds 55 scored 963 points, 7 meters 80 seconds to 1010 points, shot put 16 meters scored 851 points, 2 meters 05 high jump scores 850 points, 400 meters 48 seconds 42 scored 889 points, 110 meters hurdles In 13 seconds 75, 1007 points, discus 50 meters 54 scored 882 points, pole vault 5 meters 45 minutes 882 points, javelin 71 meters 90 scored 918 points, and the last item 1500 meters 4 minutes 36 seconds 11 scored 705 points.

巧合的是,目前的十项全能世界纪录保持者也是法国人。这位名叫迈耶·蒂汉(Meyer Tiehan)的男子去年以9126分成为田径之王。在9126分中,100米在10秒内55得分963分,7米80秒到1010分,铅球16米获得851分,2米05跳高得分850分,400米48秒42得分889分,110分米栏在13秒内获得75分,1007分,铁饼50米54分获得882分,撑杆跳高5米45分882分,标枪71米90分获得918分,最后一项1500米4分36秒11获得705分。

It is horrible to complete the above 10 projects in two days.


But if you look at the individual events, which one to pick, there is actually a long way to go compared with the top international special athletes. Here you might as well find two familiar events to compare: the 100m world record of 9 seconds 58. Bolt can probably Leading Meyer by more than 10 meters and hitting the line; Liu Xiang won the 110-meter hurdle in the 2004 Athens Olympics with 12.91 seconds. Liu Xiang hit the line and Meyer must be at least one hurdle behind. The 20-year-old Swedish genius pole vaulter Duplandi Sis just broke Bubka's 20-year-old world record with a height of 6.15 meters this month. On the day the record was broken, Meyer PB's 5.45 meters happened to be Dupradis's first jump height. Also this month, German javelin general Vettel threw the world best score of 97 meters and 76 meters in Poland this year, only 72 centimeters away from the world record of 98 meters and 48 meters. In contrast, Meyer Javelin PB with 71 meters and 90 meters, Very scumbag.

但是,如果您看一看各个项目,那么与顶级国际特殊运动员相比,实际上还有很长的路要走。在这里,您还可以找到两个比较熟悉的事件:9秒钟100m的世界纪录58.博尔特可能领先迈耶超过10米并撞到终点;刘翔在2004年雅典奥运会上以12.91秒的成绩赢得了110米栏的冠军。刘翔上线,梅耶必须至少落后一个障碍。 20岁的瑞典天才撑竿跳高运动员杜普兰迪·西斯(Duplandi Sis)本月刚刚以6.15米的高度打破了布布卡20岁的世界纪录。在打破纪录的那天,Meyer PB的5.45米恰好是Dupradis的第一个跳高。同样在本月,德国标枪将军维特尔(Vettel)今年在波兰创造了97米和76米的世界最佳成绩,与98米和48米的世界纪录相距仅72厘米。相比之下,迈耶标枪PB分别有71米和90米,非常卑鄙。

Decathlon requires that each item must reach the world-class level of the individual event. 80% is the logic of the layman. This is the logic of the layman, which broke the national record in the recent National Swimming Championships but missed the final due to the failure of the physical fitness test. The logic of light comedy is quite similar.

迪卡侬要求每个项目必须达到单个项目的世界一流水平。 80%是外行的逻辑。这是外行人的逻辑,外行人在最近的全国游泳锦标赛上打破了国家纪录,但由于体能测试失败而错过了决赛。轻喜剧的逻辑非常相似。

Physical stamina and special abilities are separated into separate assessments. In the past, there was a 12-minute run in Chinese football, but now they use pull-ups to run 1,500 meters to toss the "fish" in the pool. If you want to compile Chinese sports into jokes, these materials are enough to make these jokes stand out.


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