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After firing Marco Silva, Everton chose the famous football coach Carlo Ancelotti as the team coach, which shows their desire for the Champions League. Toffee has always hoped to taste the taste of the Champions League, but it is a pity that every impact ends in failure. Ancelotti came to Everton after class from Naples. He had previously coached Chelsea in the Premier League. After leaving Stamford Bridge, the Italians also taught in Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

解雇了马可·席尔瓦(Marco Silva)之后,埃弗顿选择了著名的足球教练卡洛·安切洛蒂(Carlo Ancelotti)作为团队教练,这表明了他们对冠军联赛的渴望。太妃糖一直希望能尝尝冠军联赛的滋味,但遗憾的是,一切影响都以失败而告终。安切洛蒂下课后从那不勒斯来到埃弗顿。他以前曾在英超联赛中执教过切尔西。离开斯坦福桥后,意大利人还在巴黎圣日耳曼,皇家马德里和拜仁慕尼黑任教。

The last time he left the Premier League, the top coaches he faced were Ferguson, Wenger, Redknapp the old, Dalglish and Mancini, and when he returned to England, his opponent became Sol Skja, Arteta, Klopp, Mourinho and Guardiola. Lampard, one of his players, also picked up the pointer at Stamford Bridge and became an opponent on the coaching bench.

上次离开英超联赛时,他所面对的顶级教练是弗格森,温格,老雷德克纳普,达格利什和曼奇尼,当他回到英格兰时,他的对手变成了Sol Skja,Arteta,Klopp,Mourinho和Guardiola。兰帕德(Lampard)是他的一名球员,他也在斯坦福桥(Stamford Bridge)拿起指针,成为教练席上的对手。

"For us, this is a perfect appointment," said Everton football director Marcel Brandes. Faced with this still unbalanced team, Ancelotti quickly improved the team's record; the team replaced Robert Martinez, Ronald Koeman, and Sam Allede like a revolving lantern. After the coaches such as S. and Marco Silva, today's Toffees desperately need Ancelotti to bring them success.

埃弗顿足球总监马塞尔·布兰德斯(Marcel Brandes)说:“对我们来说,这是一次完美的约会。”面对仍然不平衡的球队,安切洛蒂迅速提高了球队的战绩。球队像旋转灯笼一样取代了罗伯特·马丁内斯,罗纳德·科曼和萨姆·阿莱德。继S.和Marco Silva等教练之后,今天的太妃糖迫切需要安切洛蒂来取得成功。

If Ancelotti realized that the team's offensive state was not as good as paper strength from the beginning of his tenure, then he must also find that the team's defense also lacks coordination. For a long period of time, Toffees have been weak in defending set-pieces. In the 2018-19 season, the team lost 16 goals due to set-piece defense is the worst in the Premier League, and this is largely It originated from the area-to-man defensive approach that the team previously admired.


In the past, Everton gave priority to the edge of the 6-yard area when defending the set ball, and opponents often chose to skip this place and focus on the back post area. Even if goalkeeper Pickford had more room for action after Ancelotti took office, the team's loss of two goals in the second half of stoppage time at home against Newcastle also showed how their defensive crux is. stubborn.


In the first 9 games after taking over, Ancelotti's team has lost 10 goals. Among them, Watford and Newcastle, who are at the end of the standings, have scored. The team has only successfully eliminated opponents in two games. The Toffee team once had a strong midfielder influence, Geyer has joined Paris Saint-Germain, but there is no player in the team that can fill the vacancy left by the French, whether it is single defense or multiplayer. With cooperation, Everton’s midfielders can hardly stop the opponent’s penetration of the team’s ribs, which makes the team’s midfield defense very easy to break; the team’s midfielder and full-back sides and the three-back system The space left for each other between the midfielders is still too big (as shown below).


In addition, Everton also needs to improve the defense of the frontcourt. Their midfields are always clearly out of touch; when a central midfielder presses the opponent's ball-handling player, his teammates are often unable to adapt to restricting the opponent's ball point and passing route in a small space. Therefore, it is difficult for the team to delay or organize the opponent's offensive organization to move forward.


Sometimes, if there is a minimalist secret to a successful team, then they must build a solid defense, although this is not so dazzling compared to the performance in front of the goal. But Everton is not. Their ability to penetrate the opponent's line of defense may have improved, but even though their offensive capabilities are very sharp, they lack effective use of space in organization and scheduling.


In the away game against Manchester City in January this year, Everton was unable to properly defensively oppress his opponent due to a lack of active movement on the field. Ancelotti's team may still be struggling to determine whether there is defensive pressure on the potential gap. In the game, Manchester City can take advantage of the number of 4 to 2 in the middle to control the ball steadily, without rushing through the ball, but can choose how to pull Everton's defense after controlling the situation. Similarly, in an away game against West Ham United, Everton’s frontcourt players were not aggressive enough to defend against


Ancelotti has always been an adaptable coach. When coaching AC Milan, he preferred the diamond midfield 442 formation; in Paris Saint-Germain, the Italian waved the 433 flag; during the coaching of Real Madrid, he converted 4231 to 442 to transfer troops. Dispatch; when coaching Naples, the team that was built by Sarri, based on possession and running smoothly, was transformed by Ancelotti into an offensive 442. Judging from his coaching ability, the Italian is expected to transform Everton into a more comprehensive team.


After taking over the new team, Ancelotti likes to use the three-back system (as shown in the picture below). His Toffees will also withdraw from the two wingbacks, Digne and Sidibe, when defensive. Changed to a five-back or 442 formation. Most of the time, Coleman, who plays the leading full-back, is usually the right center in today's Everton formation. Sometimes he will stand on the right with the right wing back Sidibe; at the same time, Ancelotti is also He hopes that the team will create a greater sense of presence in the mid lane no matter how the formation and position changes in the offense. He requires the team to have multiple players on the pass line in front of the ball when in possession.


In Ancelotti's experimental 442 system, Risa Lisson will withdraw from the midfield organization that supports the team, and the Brazilian now acts as a hub connecting forwards and other offensive players. Everton has a variety of offensive methods in the frontcourt, but the large overwhelming and shifting means that they need a relatively longer time to organize the defensive formation. In addition, Bernard intervened as another striker during the retreat of Risa Lisson, so Toffee would appear very weak on the left during the counterattack.

在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)的442实验系统中,里萨·里森(Risa Lisson)将退出支持球队的中场组织,而巴西人现在充当连接前锋和其他进攻球员的枢纽。埃弗顿在前场有多种进攻方式,但是巨大的压倒性和转移性意味着他们需要相对较长的时间来组织防守阵型。此外,伯纳德在里萨·里森(Risa Lisson)撤退期间作为另一名前锋进行了干预,因此在反攻期间,太妃糖在左侧显得非常虚弱。

In Ancelotti’s 442 system, one of the central midfielders will also participate in further rotations by retreating to the defense line. With the other central midfielder as the center of the midfield, two The full backs move forward at the same time, and the left midfielder cuts in to attack-this arrangement ultimately ensures that the team has an extra player in the middle between the two lines (as shown below). The Italians will also use a similar tactical concept. The full-backs will still move forward, but they will be more cautious. Therefore, the team will sacrifice a certain width in the offensive third zone and the team's formation will be changed to 4222 again. ; In this case, they tend to cross the opponent's midfield, increasing the number of offenses between the opponent's midfield and the defense. Of these two concepts, the latter tends to have stronger and more practical defensive abilities after the team loses possession of the ball, because the number of players they hoard in the center can limit the opponent's attack from the backcourt, and the toffee can also Start a new wave of offensive relatively soon after the counter-grab is successful.

在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)的442系统中,中央中场之一也将通过撤退到防御线来参与进一步的轮换。以另一名中场球员为中场,两个后卫同时向前移动,而左中场球员切入进攻-这种安排最终确保了球队在两线之间的中间有一名额外的球员(如下所示)。意大利人也将使用类似的战术概念。后卫仍然会前进,但是会更加谨慎。因此,球队将在进攻第三区牺牲一定的宽度,球队的阵型将再次变为4222。 ;在这种情况下,他们倾向于越过对手的中场,从而增加了对手的中场与防守之间的进攻次数。在这两个概念中,后者在球队失去控球权后往往具有更强和更实用的防守能力,因为他们ho积在中心的球员数量可以限制对手从后场的进攻,太妃糖也可以开始反抢成功后不久,新一轮进攻开始了。

There is no doubt that Ancelotti has had a significant impact on Holgate and Lewin after taking office. Among them, the former is impressed by four guards and central and central defenders under the three-guard system. On the court, he not only provides stability for the team, but also serves as a hub for the conversion of offense.


Lewin proved that he is Everton's most stable offensive threat. Since Lukaku joined Manchester United in 2017, Toffee has been struggling for not being able to find an efficient and stable shooter. For Everton, Lewin's finishing ability is very important, and many of his goals are equalizers or help the team get the lead.


Behind Lewin, Risalisson, Bernard, Walcott and Iwobi are all contributing to the team's offense. Around Lewin (Little Keane also has such potential), players can provide coaches with a variety of offensive options. They not only have good speed, but also can use excellent offensive skills to pass one-on-one offenses. Various methods such as position selection and tacit cooperation ultimately threaten the opponent's goal, so the number of goals scored by the team has increased accordingly.

在Lewin背后,Risalisson,Bernard,Walcott和Iwobi500万彩票官网都为球队的进攻做出了贡献。在Lewin周围(Little Keane也具有这种潜力),球员可以为教练提供多种进攻选择。他们不仅速度快,而且可以使用出色的进攻技巧进行一对一的进攻。位置选择和默契合作等各种方法最终威胁到对手的进球,因此球队得分的进球数也相应增加。

Ancelotti's arrival also gradually changed the mental outlook of the team, which we can also see from their performance. The Toffees gradually found the kind of resilience they once lacked. The most obvious of these was the away game against Watford. At that time, they fought back under the unfavorable situation of two goals behind and finally won 3-2. game. You must know that the last time a team turned defeat in a Premier League game that fell behind first was back in 2017.


In the short term, there is uncertainty in Sidibe's future. In the position of the left wingback, Digne and Baynes are enough, and Sidibe on the right is only playing for the team as a Monaco renter. The loan period will end this season, and Everton will pass the assessment. The performance of the Frenchman chooses whether to buy out permanently. Whether it is a full-back or a full-back, Digne and Baynes on the left have good offensive capabilities. If this toffee really wants to pursue a more ambitious goal, then they should look at their rivals, Liverpool. As well as the staffing of Manchester City and Tottenham, these three teams all have full-backs on both sides that can create offensive threats at the same time, which is exactly what Everton needs.


Ancelotti also needs to determine a fixed choice in the midfielder position. Sigurdsson, Delph, and Tom Davis are currently the relatively most used origins for Ancelotti, but none of them can disrupt the opponent’s offense in an efficient manner as the former Geyer. . If the reason for sending such players is out of creative considerations, then these players occasionally made the team drowsy when organizing, not to mention that Everton still needs to be in the back. To find a more balanced staffing. Even if Schneiderlin has more opportunities and performs well, Toffee still needs a capable midfielder.

安切洛蒂还需要确定中场位置的固定选择。 Sigurdsson,Delph和Tom Davis目前是安切洛蒂使用最多的血统,但没有一个能像前Geyer那样有效地破坏对手的进攻。 。如果派遣这样的球员的原因是出于创造性考虑,那么这些球员在组织时有时会使团队昏昏欲睡,更不用说埃弗顿仍然需要落后。寻找更平衡的人员配置。即使施耐德林有更多机会并且表现出色,太妃糖仍然需要有能力的中场。

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